CAMBODIA | 28.JUN.2022

‘No free and fair election can take place in the current political environment’

GLOBAL | 27.JUN.2022

‘The future of work requires a shift away from a focus on time’

SUDAN | 26.JUN.2022

‘We are back to the situation that preceded the revolution; the old regime is back’

BELIZE | 21.JUN.2022

‘Many laws remain that keep LGBTQI+ people as second-class citizens’

UGANDA | 20.JUN.2022

‘Hate speech against LGBTQI+ people comes from religious, traditional and political leaders’

THE GAMBIA | 15.JUN.2022

‘Civil society works to ensure Jammeh and other perpetrators of human rights violations face justice’

TURKEY | 10.JUN.2022

‘Refugees are the perfect scapegoat in times of crisis’

USA | 08.JUN.2022

‘The Starbucks unionisation campaign has sparked the imagination of workers across the country’


‘They label us antisemites or terrorists to silence us and paralyse our human rights work’