NAMIBIA | 25.NOV.2022

‘There is so much civil society can do when those in power support extractive companies’

UK | 25.NOV.2022

‘Women in ethnic minority communities are often treated like second-class citizens’

GLOBAL | 23.NOV.2022

‘Music can be an entry point because it’s the last thing someone could take away from you’

CUBA | 22.NOV.2022

‘The only options available are prison, exile, or submission’

QATAR | 17.NOV.2022

‘Labour reforms need to continue after the World Cup is over’

TAIWAN | 15.NOV.2022

‘China will do to us what it did to Hong Kong, and what it has long done to Tibetans and Uighurs’

EUROPE | 14.NOV.2022

‘The Energy Charter Treaty is having a chilling effect on climate legislation’

BAHRAIN | 12.NOV.2022

‘This election is make-believe: its only role is to provide a veneer of democracy’


‘Communities have the right to have their opinions heard and considered’