THAILAND | 06.JUN.2023

‘People understood election monitoring was important to ensure checks and balances’

GLOBAL | 02.JUN.2023

UN CYBERCRIME TREATY: ‘This is not about protecting states but about protecting people’

CAMEROON | 01.JUN.2023

‘Communities must benefit from what comes from their land’


ASEAN: ‘There is a lack of a consistent approach and political will to address the Myanmar crisis’

ITALY | 23.MAY.2023

‘Accusing activists of vandalism is much easier than implementing renewable energy policies’

TURKEY | 23.MAY.2023

‘The government does not tolerate opinions different from its own’

HUNGARY | 18.MAY.2022

‘The government is masking anti-LGBTQI+ legislation under the narrative of children protection’

TURKEY | 15.MAY.2023

‘All critical voices are repressed under the pretext of combating disinformation’

PARAGUAY | 09.MAY.2023

‘Very tough years are ahead for civil society that promotes human rights’