BAHRAIN | 12.NOV.2022

‘This election is make-believe: its only role is to provide a veneer of democracy’


‘Communities have the right to have their opinions heard and considered’

N. KOREA | 07.NOV.2022

‘Many women escape to experience the freedoms they are denied’

COP27 | 04.NOV.2022

‘The participation of civil society is important because it represents the voices of communities’

COP27 | 03.NOV.2022

‘We doubt that we will be able to mobilise as we did around COP26’

HAITI | 03.NOV.2022

‘Civil society must get involved because political actors cannot find a solution to our problems’

SPAIN | 02.NOV.2022

‘The main challenge is to consolidate legally recognised rights and prevent backsliding’

COP27 | 01.NOV.2022

‘Climate justice requires debt cancellation, reparations and non-debt climate finance for small island developing states’

LEBANON | 31.OCT.2022

‘The main culprits of the current crisis are bank owners and their greed for profit’