GLOBAL | 25.JUL.2023

AI REGULATION: ‘There must be a balance between promoting innovation and protecting rights’

SPAIN | 24.JUL.2023

‘The LGBTQI+ community fears both legal and social backlash’

HONG KONG | 17.JUL.2023

‘Any activism that the government dislikes can be deemed a national security violation’

TURKEY | 16.JUL.2023

‘For the embattled LGBTQI+ movement, simply persisting in taking to the streets is an achievement’

ANGOLA | 07.JUL.2023

‘The untrue government narrative reveals an aversion to civil society denouncing malpractice’

ESTONIA | 05.JUL.2023

‘Legal changes deepen the cultural shift favourable to LGBTQI+ rights’

FINLAND | 05.JUL.2023

‘We’ll have the most right-wing government since the 1930s’


‘Our democracy is at risk in the hands of political-criminal networks’

GERMANY | 04.JUL.2023

‘Our street blockades hurt society the least and put no one’s life in danger’