ZIMBABWE | 01.JUN.2022

‘We need CSOs to continue working and defending people’s rights’

KENYA | 31.MAY.2022

‘The government has put all the burden of addressing homophobia on civil society’

SRI LANKA | 30.MAY.2022

‘They arrest us to stop us, silence us and instil fear in others’

BERMUDA | 27.MAY.2022

‘A right that the LGBTQI+ community enjoyed for four years has been stripped away’

LEBANON | 25.MAY.2022

‘The political youth movement was a major pillar of the opposition to the ruling class’

LEBANON | 23.MAY.2022

‘This election has brought to the forefront new voices speaking about rights’


‘We fear the democracy those before us fought so hard for will be erased’


‘The Sexual Violence Bill is one step further in claiming the rights of women and children’

GLOBAL | 18.MAY.2022

‘States hold a shared responsibility to keep the world safe and must be held accountable’