Building on 10 years of State of Civil Society Reports, CIVICUS Lens offers timely analysis of the major events of the day from a civil society perspective. Complementing our ongoing tracking of civic space on the CIVICUS Monitor, CIVICUS Lens highlights stories of civic action and civil society breakthroughs. We explore contemporary political, economic and social trends and their impact on civil society, and also and most importantly, the ways in which people’s movements are responding, innovating and scoring victories.

We want to question some of the predominant biases in how the world is understood and how current events are analysed. Deeply rooted in the global south, we stand firmly for social justice and on the side of those who defend human rights, call the powerful to account, demand democratic freedoms and fight for progress on the great issues of today: problems like the climate crisis, systemic racism, widening inequalities and democratic regression.

CIVICUS Lens is intended to demystify complex issues, encourage reflection and – we hope – promote solidarity, allyship and progressive action.

We strive to showcase a plurality and diversity of experiences and voices, including through interviews and consultations. If you’d like to share a story or have any feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.