TUVALU | 18.MAR.2024

‘We share Taiwan’s democratic principles, values and struggles for sovereignty’

KENYA | 16.MAR.2024

‘Protests against femicides encouraged survivors to seek justice’

INDIA | 15.MAR.2024

‘Civil society efforts will be crucial to the quality of the elections’

CHILE | 13.MAR.2024

‘Legislation to tackle forest fires must be based on co-responsibility’


‘The risks posed by Taliban rule are too grave for the international community to ignore’

JORDAN | 11.MAR.2024

‘Commercial spyware that enables digital repression and abuse must be completely banned’

EUROPE | 09.MAR.2024

‘Governments are adopting measures that are beneficial for the climate but forget to include people’

EUROPE | 02.MAR.2024

EUROPEAN MEDIA FREEDOM ACT: ‘It will be crucial for states to take this legal framework seriously’

MEXICO | 01.MAR.2024

‘Civil society is a retaining wall against government malpractice’