CHAD | 02.AUG.2023

‘The government, local groups and society at large have all joined efforts to help refugees’


‘People have lost confidence in an international system that fails to protect the powerless against the powerful’


‘Historical memory of martial law under Marcos Senior gives us strength to persevere’

MALDIVES | 30.AUG.2023

‘Calling this a free and fair election would be a betrayal to the people of Maldives’

UGANDA | 29.AUG.2023

‘We’ll participate in COP28 to pressure world leaders to divert funding away from oil and gas’

ZIMBABWE | 28.AUG.2023

‘Election violence is a cover for ideological ambivalence and lack of substantive programmes’

GLOBAL | 24.AUG.2023

AI: ‘The biggest challenges are the biases and lack of transparency of algorithms’

BULGARIA | 22.AUG.2023

‘Our society has finally become sensitised to domestic and gender-based violence’

INDIA | 17.AUG.2023

COP28: ‘For us, climate change is not an abstract concept of future concern but an urgent reality of the present’