CAMEROON | 14.OCT.2022

‘The Anglophone discontent must be addressed through meaningful discussion with all parties’

MEXICO | 13.OCT.2022

‘The problem of insecurity is paramount, but it cannot be solved with militarisation’

LESOTHO | 12.OCT.2022

‘We must work hand in hand to promote democracy and hold our leaders accountable’

ITALY | 09.OCT.2022

‘We anticipate hostility towards civil society working on human rights’

IRAN | 08.OCT.2022

‘Mahsa’s death highlights the struggle women must face just to go about their daily lives’

CAMEROON | 06.OCT.2022

‘The international community hasn’t helped address the root causes of the Anglophone conflict’

EGYPT | 05.OCT.2022

‘We are dealing with an extremely elaborate, very creative repressive machinery’


‘The seizure of sovereign assets will worsen the world’s worst humanitarian disaster’


‘Lack of dialogue and punishing sanctions are undermining the promotion of human rights’