NIGER | 16.AUG.2023

‘Threats don’t solve problems; the international response must emphasise dialogue and negotiation’

ECUADOR | 15.AUG.2023

‘Democracy has allowed room for organised crime and narco-politics to grow’

SENEGAL | 14.AUG.2023

‘The situation is becoming more tense as we approach the 2024 elections’


‘True freedom cannot be granted by external forces; it needs to be claimed by people’


COP28: ‘Having a climate summit in an oil-and-gas country can jeopardise the outcomes’

UK | 07.AUG.2023

‘We engage in disruptive protest to keep the climate catastrophe in people’s minds’

POLAND | 03.AUG.2023

‘In reaction to conservative backlash, public support for LGBTQI+ rights is on the rise’

DRC | 02.AUG.2023

‘Defending the environment means becoming the target of politicians and businesspeople’

NEPAL | 28.JUL.2023

‘This landmark decision represents significant progress for all LGBTQI+ people’