NIGERIA | 16.MAY.2022

‘The federal government and ASUU at some point made it feel like our education doesn’t matter’

NIGERIA | 13.MAY.2022

‘The government is more willing to negotiate with terrorists than with striking teachers’

INDIA | 12.MAY.2022

‘We have achieved a historic labour rights win for female Dalit workers’

INDIA | 11.MAY.2022

‘Muslim girls are being forced to choose between education and the hijab’

HONDURAS | 10.MAY.2022

‘We must address the roots of the conflict: the handing over of natural resources’

KENYA | 9.MAY.2022

‘The denial of resources for civic education has been a massive blow for civil society’

INDIA | 9.MAY.2022

‘An effective civil society is essential for advancing human rights’

INDIA | 5.MAY.2022

‘The hijab ban is just another tool used by right-wing politicians to remain in power’


‘Our fight for accountability has become a thousand times harder under the Taliban’