‘Civil society made a lot of efforts to stop Japan financing the Matarbari project’

ERITREA | 04.AUG.2022

‘Due to closed civic space, it is difficult to build the resilience of communities inside the country’

CAMEROON | 03.AUG.2022

‘Indigenous people should be at the forefront of our own movement and speak for ourselves’

SPAIN | 01.AUG.2022

‘We demand legal and safe channels for migration; attempts to stop it will only cause more suffering’

PAKISTAN | 29.JUL.2022

‘International support to civil society must come with understanding of our political & societal context’

MONGOLIA | 21.JUL.2022

‘The government makes decisions without proper consultation’

TUNISIA | 20.JUL.2022

‘The new constitution will guarantee the president extensive powers, enabling further violations’

JAMAICA | 14.JUL.2022

‘We must establish a republic – where the people are sovereign and not the Queen’

TURKEY | 13.JUL.2022

‘Civilian refugees should not be used as political bargaining chips’