TURKEY | 08.MAR.2022

‘We continue to organise and demonstrate so that no voice is left unheard’

ZAMBIA | 07.MAR.2022

‘Our aim is to break societal biases against girls’

IRAQ | 07.MAR.2022

‘We’ve submitted many bills, but parliament refuses to adopt a law against GBV’

AUSTRIA | 06.MAR.2022

‘Unfortunately, times of crisis have rarely proven to be a catalyst for gender equality’

PAKISTAN | 06.MAR.2022

‘As a result of patriarchal norms, women experience discrimination at all levels’

SYRIA | 04.MAR.2022

‘The pandemic added another layer to women’s diminished access to healthcare’

POLAND | 04.MAR.2022

‘Abortion rights will inevitably be at the forefront of this year’s International Women’s Day’

UK | 03.MAR.2022

‘Education can equip the next generation to disrupt the culture of gender-based violence’

AUSTRIA | 03.MAR.2022

‘If anything changed for women under the pandemic, it was for the worse’