RUSSIA | 22.MAR.2022

‘These protests are key to the preservation of Russian civil society’


‘Anti-rights groups seek to maintain the privileges of some at the expense of the rights of others’

RUSSIA | 18.MAR.2022

‘Any tactic that protesters use will likely be banned and declared a crime’

POLAND | 17.MAR.2022

‘If lots of tiny actions are performed by many people, we can achieve big things’

ALGERIA | 16.MAR.2022

‘The authorities are arresting human rights defenders to suffocate civil society’

CHILE | 15.MAR.2022

‘The drafting of the new constitution is a historic opportunity for women’

LEBANON | 10.MAR.2022

‘Abuses against women are the direct product of the gender imbalances of a patriarchal society’


‘There is nothing resembling real civil society – and no conditions for it to emerge’

YEMEN | 09.MAR.2022

‘Women are completely absent from decision-making bodies; politically we don’t exist’