SERBIA | 14.FEB.2022

‘We are not just fighting locally; we are sending a message to the world’

PERU | 11.FEB.2022

‘Environmental regulations were relaxed, when they should have been strengthened’

BOLIVIA | 10.FEB.2022

‘To exercise our rights, Indigenous peoples don’t need anyone’s permission’


‘No economic or social reform will bring real change unless there is also serious political reform’

KENYA | 31.JAN.2022

‘Holding police officers accountable for killings in a court of law will be the main deterrent’

HAITI | 26.JAN.2022

‘The international community has never addressed the root causes of the crisis’

TUNISIA | 20.JAN.2022

‘Civil society is not yet under direct threat, but we believe that our turn is coming’

RUSSIA | 19.JAN.2022

‘We hope that social media companies will avoid becoming a censorship tool’

SAN MARINO | 18.JAN.2022

‘There was an overwhelming demand for women to gain the right to choose’