TUNISIA | 31.MAR.2022

‘We are just students fighting for the future in times in which our opinions are disregarded’

UKRAINE | 29.MAR.2022

‘International organisations are clearly not up to their historic responsibilities’

UKRAINE | 28.MAR.2022

‘The presence of international organisations is key to ensure safe humanitarian corridors’

UKRAINE | 25.MAR.2022

‘If we share information, leaders won’t be able to turn blind eye to human rights violations’

RUSSIA | 24.MAR.2022

‘The shutdown of media sources threatens to create information vacuum for Russians’

GREECE | 23.MAR.2022

‘Together we can do more’

UAE | 22.MAR.2022

‘Many leaders remain silent in the face of systematic human rights abuses’

RUSSIA | 22.MAR.2022

‘These protests are key to the preservation of Russian civil society’


‘Anti-rights groups seek to maintain the privileges of some at the expense of the rights of others’