HONDURAS | 19.AUG.2021

‘The ruling of the Inter-American Court marks a before and after for LGBTQI+ people’

ZAMBIA | 12.AUG.2021

‘Electoral practices seen so far do not indicate good lessons for the region’

MYANMAR | 6.AUG.2021

‘Nearly everyone detained tells us they were beaten’

MALAYSIA | 23.JUN.2021

‘The government should have assisted refugees under the pandemic’


‘Peaceful pro-independence activists may be labeled as terrorists’

MYANMAR | 6.MAY.2021

‘The military turned medical workers from heroes to criminals overnight’


‘The charges against me are part of the government’s efforts at silencing its critics’

ETHIOPIA | 15.FEB.2021

‘The June 2021 election is between democratic life and death’

ANGOLA | 30.JAN.2021

‘The ruling party sees local elections as a threat’